Sunday, March 20, 2011

Types of Arowana Fish

The distribution areas of Arowana can be categorized as:
2.     Australia             (2 Types)
3.     Africa                 (1 Type)
4.       Asia                   (1 Type 4 Kinds)

The popular Arowana in the market can be classified as follows:                                       
1.     Indonesia Red Arowana             (From Indonesia)
2.     Malayan Bonytongue                  (From Malaysia)
3.     Red Tail Golden Arowana          (From Indonesia)
4.     Green Arowana                           (From Southeast Asia)
5.     Jardini                                          (Australian Arowana)
6.     Silver Arowana                            (From South America)
7.     Black Arowana                            (From South America)
Hong Kong people believe that if they breed any kinds of Arowana, their business will expand while their financial sources wil be accumulated. This belief of the Hong Kong people is also a way for them to exhibit their wealth and status. They strongly believe that the Arowana is an incarnation of the crust dragon, extensively adored by the Chinese.

Basically there are 3 main types of North America Arowana:
Silver Arowana 
Silver Arowana
Black Arowana Black Arowana
Giant Arapaima 
Arapaima Pirarucu

About Arowana

Scleropages Formosus Arowana is a very popular ornamental fish and relatively 
high price. Due to fishing activities are rampant since the 70's until now, the total  population in the natural habitat is decreasing. Their breeding pressure a very low as well as high rates of predation of natural causes it to suffer danger of extinction.  Therefore, this species has been protected as a species for control of imported  and exported under the "Convention on the International Trade in  Endangered  Species of Wild Fauna (CITES). "For commercial purposes, Arowana can be grown in tanks with a balanced diet containing protein of about 35%.

Arowana fish from Asia and is known as Arowana asia. It sold the most  expensive on the market price. This species is only found in the Kepulauan Melayu, including Borneo, Bangka, Sumatra and Malaysia. In Malaysia, the fish can be found in the Sungai Krian, Sungai Muda, Sungai Endau, Sungai Rompin, Sungai Pahang and Sungai Terengganu. In addition, this fish can also be found  in Tasik Kenyir, Tasik Bera and Tasik Bukit Merah.

History of Arowana

Arowana fish has been found by Müller and Schlegel, 1844
Days of old, arowana was in a hurry have been fishermen and consumed, there are some in fried and appointed as the salted fish, Because the taste so delicious and tasty. But the fishermen did not know that the arowana fish population has begun to disappear, so some fishermen are also hunting and selling in to the hobbyis. In the upstream of Kapuas river, there are many people who do not know that the arowana is rare animals that are expensive. Arowana fish that are in the upper Kapuas river usually diversiform green Arowana fish and arowana some other types.

Perhaps, in the arowana has been raised by Chinese people for centuries of years ago as a protector and lucky and so far no Chinese people still believe that the arowana fish is a figure of a god and the dragon that symbolizes the "yin" and "yang" which is a balance physical and spiritual. Not infrequently the hobiis dare to spend their money to buy that expensive fish because Arowana Fish has a Beautiful color and shiny sparkler.